Mothers Flying in Formation…

High Above the River

Flying High Above the River

I have written before about how I overlook a river. So high up that I am often above the birds. The other day I called my husband to come to the window because a large flock of geese was passing by in classic V formation.

As we watched there was a change in the leaders of the flock. A group of about ten or so geese came up alongside the leaders and the other leader geese fell back.

I am told this is because of air resistance and how tiring it is to be the first few geese in that V formation. Those behind you reap the benefit of the vacuum you help to create and so flying is less tiring for them.

So it is with anything. It is hard to be out front.

Someone who wrote one of the first books I ever read about being the mother of a child relinquished to adoption has recently joined the blogosphere. Her blog is Firstmotherforum – Blogrolled to your right. Check it out.

Back in 1979, in order to reach an audience, you had to write and then convince someone to publich a book to have your voice heard about what it feels like to relinquish a child to adoption. Back then hers was one of very few voices.

But now we are many. All flying into a head wind of one kind or another, some out front, some a little farther back. We have found our voices. If the people at the front get tired there will be more voices to take their place while they rest.




3 Responses to Mothers Flying in Formation…

  1. unsignedmasterpiece says:

    Make that every one in every state and every province!!

  2. Loved what you said about getting tired at the front of the pack. I sure did, after a while, and took a long side vacation from all matter adopted. But it never leaves you, never leaves you. Anyway, it seems as if I’m back. I hope to see the records opened before I die! for everyone in every state.

    –lorraine dusky

  3. maybe says:

    Good metaphor

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