An early morning post script

ImageChef.comGood Morning!

The title of yesterday’s post “At the Corner of Lost and Found” was partly inspired by the experience of a friend of mine.

She found her daughter by putting an ad in the “Lost and Found” column of the local hip youth-oriented weekly newspaper. She was going to use the personals column but when she read what was in the “Personals” she changed her mind. There was some connecting going on but not the kind she was hoping for. The woman at the newspaper suggested the “Lost and Found” column.

And it worked.

Her daughter’s friends saw it first and told her about it.

She met her daughter the same day I met my son and the adoption group suggested we might want to connect and share our experiences and support each other.

Just in case there is anyone out there looking, I just thought I’d share this rather unique approach.

Of course the records should be open but while you are waiting, and if you are searching, a little creativity never hurts.




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