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ImageChef.comI have this kind of strange thing that I do sometimes when someone dies. I notice who else died on that day and I picture the person I know together in heaven or where ever with two or three of the other recently departed saying “Damn how did that happen!” or “I’m relieved to be here,” or “Pleased to meet you,” because the other person who died on that day was well known. I guess it’s because I want to think of them as in a good place and not alone.

I think it started when someone who was a great support to me when I found my son died on the same day as the bombing in Oklahoma City. I found out about the two events simultaneously. If he had to go, I was glad that he was there in heaven to comfort the children who died that day. He loved children and he definitely understood the bond between parent and child.

My friend’s death notice appeared in the paper today. I still cannot believe that she has died. Because of what I said above, I started looking at the other notices for a friendly face. Someone to hold her hand. Maybe make her laugh because even while this terrible cancer was attacking her she did not lose her sense of humour.

Most of the other recently deceased people were older, and didn’t look particularly like her type. And then I saw over on the next page that the oldest living Kentucky Derby winner, Genuine Risk, had died.

My friend and I talked sometimes about how we had taken up new pursuits later in life – well in our 50’s. For me it was writing, for her it was horseback riding. I smiled when I saw the piece about the horse. Right away I thought I hope she gets to hop on that genuine Kentucky derby winner and ride like heck across the universe. She always told me how great she felt whenever she went riding.

As soon as I wrote that I pictured her reading it, laughing and sending me a Comment through the UWW that said “You goof. That isn’t what it’s like up here at all.”




4 Responses to UWW – Universe Wide Web

  1. Eve says:

    I’m sorry for your loss; she died young, and that’s just sad. I like what you wrote about imagining the people who died introducing themselves to one another. This was both amusing and oddly comforting. I’d never thought about it, but it makes me smile to think of it this way. Thank you for one more comforting thought to add to the options we have when someone dies.

  2. I’m so so sorry to hear you’ve lost your friend. I agree with you, too, that it helps to picture those we love who have passed away somewhere in the universe with others.

    When Julia died (the young Korean adoptee who passed away from ALL in May), I pictured her meeting my dear friend Merrie, who died three years ago. It helps me to think of them together – Merrie was an incredible mom and will take good care of Julia, and Julia will give her someone to mother.

    Silly maybe. But it helps.

    Sending sympathy.

  3. (((HUGS))) and condolences to you on the loss of your friend. I’ve been here, imagining the world without them and it hurts. I hope it helps to picture her with a horse. I hope it’s so.

  4. maybe says:

    Riding a horse in the after-life….heavenly!

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