Nosy Neighbours…

ImageChef.comSometimes neighbours take it upon themselves to stick their noses into your business when perhaps they should keep their opinions to themselves. Mea culpa, mea culpa. I beg your foregiveness in advance.

Last night I was watching Barack Obama give his speech at the Democratic Party Convention – carried live on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). I liked the things he was saying about his vision for America. And although I have a healthy skepticism where politicians are concerned, I particularly liked what he said about health care in the United States. If he is elected, I hope he can pull it off.

I am sure many of you have seen Sicko, Michael Moore’s film about health care and how he talked about our system in Canada and in other places like France and Britain. I also have a healthy skepticism where Michael Moore is concerned but I didn’t find his portrait of our system an exaggeration. (Unlike Fahrenheit 911 where he suggested nobody locks their doors up here. Not true.)

After Sicko came out, it seemed to me that a number of pieces were broadcast on American television trying to convince people that Michael Moore hadn’t painted a true picture of how health care works in Canada. That doctor on CNN and John Stoessel on 20/20 are two that come to mind. They either implied or outright stated that ours is a broken system with long wait times for care.

While it is not a perfect system, I disagree, I think it works very well.

ImageChef.comMy father who is in his 80’s and on dialysis recently had a heart attack. I was amazed at the excellent and focused care he was given and continues to receive. I don’t see anyone writing him off because he is old or has a pre-existing condition, I see them continuing to fight to give him a quality of life. After he had the heart attack, he spent a month in hospital.

There was no bill when he left.

To me health care is a very important issue and I hope it gets resolved in the U.S. after this election in a way that sees everyone covered.

I cannot imagine living in a country that didn’t provide health care to its citizens. I guess I would go even further and say that I cannot imagine living in a country that didn’t have government-run health care. Life is hard enough these days for all the other reasons Barack Obama talked about last night with out worrying that you are going to go bankrupt if you get sick.

This has been a very interesting election year in the U.S. People seem very engaged. I was suffering for a while from election coverage burnout but now I’m back.

I hope the election goes well. I hope you get a health care system that works. We’ll be up here watching, commenting on what our neighbours are up to.

After your election is over, I think it may be our turn next.




4 Responses to Nosy Neighbours…

  1. Hey there! Stick your nose in any old time – in my experience, my Canadian relatives (I have quite a few) have a lot of wisdom about US politics. When they talk, I listen.

    And I have to say I saw your comment at Dawn’s, the one about the looking glass. Loved it! Am now wiping tuna fish off my PC screen!!

  2. Carol says:

    Hear, hear! Another US citizen happy to hear that M. Moore wasn’t so far off base. Universal health care in the US – what a concept! It would mean that young women wouldn’t have to rely on adoptive parents or adoption agencies to pay their medical care. Of course, they don’t have to now, but that is often what they are told. Perhaps a universal system would encourage natural family preservation (?)

  3. mombonnie says:

    I agree……at our last family reunion I specifically asked my Canadian relatives what they thought of their healthcare system and they said the same, that they don’t wait long for procedures or doctor visits, and that the negatives we so often hear here in the States are not warranted.

    I do hope I live to see the day of universal healthcare here in the US, but I think it’ll be a cold day in hell. Healthcare is big business and businesses have great influence in our government.

  4. maybe says:

    It’s refreshing to hear about the Canadian health care system from an actual Canadian! In the U.S., all you have to do is turn on the tube or pick up any newspaper to hear/read negative commentary about the Canadian system. But when Canadians are heard from, they typically give their system good reviews. Thanks for telling us there IS another way to provide health care to all.

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