No more Barack, Joe, John and Sarah for me…

ImageChef.comWe just had our own federal election called up here today. So now it will be Stephen , Stephane, Jack and Elizabeth not Barack, Joe, John and Sarah.

Stephen , Stephane, Jack and Elizabeth are the leaders of the Conservative, Liberal, New Democratic and Green parties respectively in Canada.

What a difference in the two systems.

Our election was called today and will be held October 14th. That’s it over, quick, done. The deputy prime minister is picked from among those members of the party who were actually elected to parliament.

No months of campaigning, just a few weeks. An election must be held every 5 years but the prime minister can call one before that time is up. Usually because he feels the time is right politically.

What are the big issues ?

Our involvement in Afghanistan, the economy, health care (as in don’t you dare touch it), massive reductions in arts funding.

Will it be as interesting as the U.S. election is shaping up to be. Probably not.

Will the party leaders give you the opportunity to put a blog on their website. I doubt it.

Stay tuned … Election 2008 – Yours and mine.


One Response to No more Barack, Joe, John and Sarah for me…

  1. The Improper Adoptee says:

    I wish our system was like yours. I have a headache all ready from all of this, and wish they would shut up already. If I hear one more commentary about the lipstick on a pig…. America is a big showman, and way too arrogant, the media is too blame for this in part, and they need their reins pulled in. This country is pretty out of control concerning alot of issues, people just seem to talk and never get alot done. I saw a bumpersticker last week that pretty much says it all for me concerning the candidates:
    NO ONE for President
    Be glad you live in Canada Trina :)

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