United Under the Same Moon

From http://www.adoptionsocialworkny.com. I meant to post this on September 14th but events overtook me. I am not sure how the Adoption Social Work people of New York meant this but it is a lovely concept nonetheless and a nice idea to end the week. It is about Zhong Quie Jie which is a mid-autumn festival celebrated in China on September 14th.


It is commonly known as a Family Reunion Day in which all family members are united under the same moon. In the past there were some very formal celebration traditions in China but these days, Chinese families celebrate by sharing dinner outdoors. Together they watch the moon. Moon Cakes are prepared and eaten by all family members. Throughout the day and especially while looking at the moon, they think about their family members that are not physically present, knowing they are sharing this moment under the same moon.

When I was looking for my son I used to listen to Somewhere Out There from An American Tale a lot. This Chinese festival kind of reminds me of the sentiment of that song.

I missed it this year but I have it on the calendar for next year.

2 Responses to United Under the Same Moon

  1. angelle2 says:

    OK this is so weird. The first email I received from my son was on September 14 last year. The first day we emailed back and forth. Coincidence?

  2. Margie says:

    Autumn Moon is celebrated in many – all? – Asian countries. In Korea it’s called Chuseok, and is much like our North American Thanksgivings – which in Canada is Monday after next I think? Correct me if I’m wrong!

    On Chuseok, families travel from all over to be with one another. I love the idea that those who are absent are thought to be with the others under the Autumn Moon, and will remember that next year, too. I love it.

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