Thanks-Giving Item # 1 Getting to Meet My Son

ImageChef.comToday is Thanksgiving Day up here north of the 49th parallel and so I got to thinking about all the things I am thankful for in my reunion.

Perhaps you are left wondering, after my last post, would I do it again if I knew it was going to take the path it has recently.

I don’t even have to think about the answer to that one. It is: Yes!

So all this week I am going to make a list of things I was and still am thankful for.

Number One on the list is: I got to meet my son. I feel like I want to write that in capital letters. I GOT TO MEET MY SON.

I was never sure that was going to happen, although that was the plan from adoption day 1. I am oh so glad that I did get to meet him.

It was such a healing experience for me and contrary to the current stand being taken by my son, I know it was healing for him too.

I know who he is, I know where he is, I know how he is. I know he looks like my father and like me. I know sometimes he sounds just like his father, has his father’s turn of phrase and did even before he met him. I know he is smart and that we have the same sense of humour.

Yep I’m very thankful that I know all that and even if I end up just watching his life from afar, I always will be.

Peace and Happy Thanksgiving



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