Thanks-Giving Item #3 The kindness of Strangers

ImageChef.comWhen I was looking for my son support appeared from all over the place. Sometimes from people I knew, sometimes from strangers and sometime from some kind of force that I was not familiar with until I went looking for my son. It seemed to me that I was being propelled along by a large hand, even when I was frightened or tired.

I have written before about seeing his picture for the first time in a yearbook in a public library and how an adoptee who just happened to be sitting next to me helped me through the experience of seeing him for the first time in my life.

Many things happened that put information in front of me that I needed. One small exmple: My son told me many things about his adoptive experience, I believed him but I also wondered if these experiences were filtered through an adolescent’s usual unhappiness with his parents. About three weeks after I started a new job, a woman appeared in my office who had also been hired recently. We ended up going for lunch and it turned out she had been my son’s family’s next door neighbour. After we discovered this, she spent the rest of the lunch saying about every five minutes, “You’re ——‘s mother!” She confirmed what he had told me. It made me sad but it was it was also helpful to hear her opinions.

So many things happened and so many people were there to support me that I felt I was meant to find him.

Here’s to all the help that the universe decides to send your way.




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