Glacial Acres

ImageChef.comSomeone posted a list of 10 nominees for the Demons of Adoption Award 2008.

I didn’t quite understand all of them which is not to say I dispute the nominations, I just don’t know enough about them to put them forward.

However, here is my vote for Number One.

If there was an award for pro-adoption propaganda, I would nominate them for that too or how about the perpetuating the myths about adoption award or the … well you get the idea.

My Number One Nominee from their list:

The makers of Juno for helping to groom and brainwash a whole new generation of girls and young women to be walking incubators for the the adoption industry;

One of the things I always thought was odd about Juno was the name of the subdivision where the PAP’s lived. It was Glacial Acres or something like that. An out of character name given the rest of the film.




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