Happy Thanksgiving USA

ImageChef.comIf you look closely at this photograph you will see a thin gray line about half way up. That line is the far shore – the United States of America – upstate New York or more accurately northern New York state.

I hope everyone who lives south of me is having a great day and spending it with family – in all family’s variations – in a way that feels good.

I hope the dinner is wonderful.  I have been hungry for a week watching everyone cook for Thanksgiving on TV.

It feels to me, though we are in the midst of economic woes, that there is new optimism.   Maybe some things needed to be changed.

I hope all of you feel that way too.

A toast to a definition of family that includes everybody.  May that be a change we see someday soon too.



P.S. You haven’t heard from me for a while because I wrote a play and I just submitted it to a playwriting competition.   Revisions, revisions, revisions.


One Response to Happy Thanksgiving USA

  1. Margie says:

    Good luck with that play, wow that’s awesome! And thank you for wishing us down here a happy Thanksgiving – kids were home and all was right with the world for a few days in my neck of the woods.

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