Word Camp Toronto 2010 Day 2 – A Moment of Zen

So I spent two days at WordPress Word Camp 2010 learning about so much whiz bang technology that my head was starting to spin.

It was all great.

Wonderful ideas to try out.

Great talk on SEO – Search Engine Optimization – how to get your message out there.

Wonderful presentations up on the big screen. Links flashing by to new and better Plugins.

Google “wcto2010” and you will see what I mean.

Then on Day 2 near the end of the conference, comes a guy whose topic is Branding. He doesn’t stand at the podium like everybody else. He sits down on the red leather couch on the stage and he talks to us about communicating with your audience and about telling them who you are.

At one point, an audience member called out “Do you have a presentation?” because there was nothing up on the great big screen behind him except the big WordCamp logo.

He said “No.” And just kept talking to us.

When he was finished, the extremely funny (hope he does stand up in his spare time) conference co-ordinator quipped, “We should have called this part of the program – Zen and the Art of Branding.”

What an effective way to deliver his message – which for this blogger was this:

1) Be who you really are


2) Never forget that although there may be a lot of whiz bang technology between you and your audience, it is still just people talking to people.

He’s an automotive writer. Go figure. This does, however, support my theory that men are people too.

Here’s his picture and a link to his blog. The only thing he used the computer for was his own speaking notes.





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