It’s about the journey people…

20110618-105907.jpg I have, over the last four weeks, been on a journey. I travelled to Paris and London and I travelled between North America and Europe by ship both ways. That’s fourteen days at sea.

We were aboard, my husband and myself, the Queen Mary II. And what a fine ship she is. It is an experience I think everyone should try and have at least once in their life. And not for the reasons you may think.

There were many wonderful things about being on board. The service was great, the food was wonderful and there were so many of the activities you wanted to try that it was difficult to decide. There were lectures, at least two a day, on many interesting topics.

We were, on the eastbound voyage, 2500 people, 4 dogs and 3 cats.

That is a lot of people (and pets) and yet it was never hard to find a quiet corner on this very large ship to read a book or just watch the ocean.

I found the trip by boat to be, not so much the luxurious experience they advertize although I could have made it that. Instead I found it to be a kind of spiritual journey. A chance to turn off the noise for awhile.

One night, not too long after leaving New York, the captain announced that at midnight we would be passing over the final resting place of the Titanic.

At first, I was kind of surprised they brought it up but once I got over my surprise, I knew I wanted to be out on deck at midnight. And I was.

It was a moving experience to be in the dark on an ocean liner passing over the black water at that spot, thinking about all those people and what happened almost a hundred years ago. Thinking about how your life can change in an instant.

I learned a lot of things on board the ship. Or maybe I was just reminded of things I already knew. Things like just being who you are, like remembering everyone doesn’t necessarily see the world the same way you do, like never judging a book by it’s cover when it comes to people because everybody has a story. And a lot of them are pretty interesting.

It wasn’t always calm weather either. One day we were just a notch below gale force winds. But the ship was solid and steady as it cut through the waves

I loved being out on the ocean, watching the ship’s wake trail all the way out to the horizon.
Watching the sun come up over the infinite expanse of water.

Where have you been? Where are you going? What is your place in the universe?

Just some things to think about … whenever you have the time.

Peace (and Happy Father’s Day)



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