Motherhood Interrupted

Solomon and the Women

I was driving to a writers’ festival and just happened to discover that early last week the CBC Radio One program The Current aired a radio documentary entitled “Motherhood Interrupted.”

I didn’t come across the actual documentary. What I tuned in to was the program where they discussed listener response to the program.

Motherhood Interrupted described the experience of one woman who gave birth to a daughter in the 1960’s.

I am putting a link to the show below.  I have since listened to the original program and listened to the response show a second time.

If you are short on time I recommend listening to the one where they discuss listener reaction.

They opened the show by saying:

It’s mail day. And we have been overwhelmed with responses to the story of Sharon Peterson, a woman shunned, alienated and forced to give up her baby for adoption because she was young and single. That story unleashed a flood of similar stories from other mothers, children and adoptive parents alike. And according to The Current’s Kathleen Goldhar, they’re just the tip of the iceberg.

Any of us who have had the experience are familiar with some variation of the original documentary.

Here’s the promo:

“She was 19 years old, pregnant and unmarried and the world was unforgiving. It was the sixties and Sharon Pederson was literally tossed out in the snow and turned into a domestic slave. She was lectured and demeaned. And when her baby was born, social workers forced her to sign her away. Hundreds of young women were forced to hand over their babies for adoption in Canada. Today in our documentary, we bring you the story of one woman who can’t forget.”

The response show discusses, among other things, one aspect of the United Nation’s definition of genocide.  According to the UN, taking away the children of one group and giving them to another group is genocide.

Once you hear the responses, you might want to ad your own voice.  If so call (877) 287-7366.

Here is the link to the letters show.  You can find the original documentary link there.


One Response to Motherhood Interrupted

  1. Margie says:

    Thank you for the link, I will listen. Hope all is well up in your world!!

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