P is for (Dance Your) PhD and Adoption

NaBloPoMo Blog#432 Day 5

adoPtion, reunion, reform, reality

The Nablopomo Prompt for today is: Missing. Oops!

I always write my blogs at night and schedule them to go live at 4:10 am. (I met my son on April 10th) However I just realized by doing that I am always behind,  writing about  Wednesday’s prompt on Thursday, etc.    Always one prompt behind!  Those who know me might say I’m always one prompt behind whether I’m writing a blog or not.  I’ll leave that for you to discuss amongst yourselves.

Going to have to work this one out.

TODAY: P is for PhD                                   http://www.nablopomo.com

Last year I went to an adoption conference in Boston. It was my first one. My only one so far.  May be my only one ever but that’s another story.

I picked the one in Boston because it had a bit of an academic focus. I thought it would be good to get out of the emotion of adoption and into the theory. My first degree is in sociology. That’s what I wanted, a nice academic look at adoption.

There were a lot of adoptees attending the conference. I liked that. In fact I will be honest and say I was a bit envious of the adoptees. To me they seemed like a pretty cohesive group. They were doing some interesting things.  They were doing some creative things.  Many of them were working on their PhD’s.  It was great to see how they were drilling down into the adoption experience, questioning many of its doctrines and having, from what I could see, a great time hanging out together despite the fact that some aspects of the conference were hard.

I was thinking about these adoptees last week when I got an enewsletter from my alma mater, not the sociology one, the other one.  A doctoral candidate from Queen’s had entered a contest called Dance Your PhD and she’d made the short list.  Her name is Emma Ware.  What a great idea!  Her PhD was about pigeon interactions.

What would the Dance Your PhD entry look like if the topic was “The Role of Social Media in the Adoption Reunion” or “The Impact of Adoptive Family Experience on Adoption Reunions”  (You see why I will never be an academic. I’m not good at coming up with the artist’s statement.)  What would the music be like? What would the setting be?

Maybe we should have a Dance Your Adoption Reunion contest.

Then again maybe not.

I’m being flip.  I actually think, in many ways, it could be very beautiful.  If not beautiful then powerful.  Think about it.

Have a look at video. Here’s the link.



5 down 25 to go



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