O is for OMG-I Can’t Decide! (and adoption)

NaBloPoMo Blog#432 Day 8

adoptiOn, reunion, reform, reality*

Who would have thought the letter “o” would have provided such an abundance of words to chose from.

There’s obloquy. The disgrace brought about by strong public criticism.

Or how about:  obfuscate, obligate, obliterate.

Or obdurate, as in stubbornly refusing to change my mind.

There’s officious, off-line, off-putting.

There’s obstreperous or opprobrious (highly critical).

There’s oppressor, oppressed and then the obsessed.

I could be trapped in an oubliette.

With Opportunists, Orwellians and Optimists.

There’s opulent ownership and being overwhelmed.

An Oxymoron

The Original sin

A One-night stand

I could ostracize, overstep, outwit and outrage.

Extend the olive branch?

But time’s up.

It’s over and I’m out.

See you tomorrow.



* For new readers, I am working through the letters in these words as my writing prompts during NaBloPoMo 2011.


One Response to O is for OMG-I Can’t Decide! (and adoption)

  1. Elen Grey says:

    I clicked over from NaBloPoMo because of your title. It was an entertaining post. Cheers!

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