N is for Niños Robados (Spain’s Stolen Children of Adoption)

NaBloPoMo Blog#432 Day 9

adoptioN, reunion, reform, reality**

On the front page of my big city paper today there is a headline that screams “STOLEN”. It is the story of approximately 300,000, yes you read that right, 300,000 babies that were stolen from their mothers in Spain between the 1930’s and the 1970’s.

The mothers were told that their babies had died.

The babies were sold by nuns, priests and doctors who reaped great profits from this baby trafficking scheme.  It’s possible that dead babies were kept frozen at the hospitals and clinics to give credence to the news of a newborn’s alleged death.

My grandmother always used to say “An open drawer would tempt a saint.”. Apparently this opportunity to take advantage was an open drawer the clergy of Spain could not walk by.

A death bed confession by an adoptive father was what started to make it all unravel.  The “son” of that father had long wondered about the physical differences between himself and his parents.  After the confession, DNA proved that what he had always suspected was true.  He was not his parents’ biological child.

Now Children are trying to find, yes I’m going to say it, their real parents.

Parents are trying to find their children.

Graves are being opened and found to be empty.  As one of the mothers said “You can overcome death…but the uncertainty of not knowing, that really is shattering.”  Where have we heard that before?

One of the children, Antonio Barroso, now in his forties, has started an organization called National Association for Victims of Irregular Adoptions. It could be an international organization.

There is a dark underbelly to adoption.  The sooner people wake up and realize it the better.



** For new readers, I am working through the letters in these words as my writing prompts during NaBloPoMo 2011.


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