R is for Revisiting “Sorry For Any Inconvenience” – UM’s Most Popular Post


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Dear Readers,

I have been dealing with elderly parent issues over the last four or five days, and travelling to do so.  I am finding it hard to post.

This is the most read thing on this blog.

I don’t know if it is because everyone hates the phrase “Sorry for Any Inconvenience” or because this little post so neatly illustrates one of the problems with adoption.

Here it is:

Sorry for any inconvenience…

In my opinion, “Sorry for any inconvenience.” has to be one of the most insincere phrases in the English language, tossed off usually in a manner that leads you to believe the person, corporation, telephone company, cable provider or government service is anything but sorry.

In that vein here is an announcement from the government of my home province. For some reason, it makes me think about the CAS – that’s Children’s Aid Society – and asking them how they feel about issuing a few apologies.

Attorney General Chris Bentley says a proposed apology act for the province would help make the justice system more affordable and punctual.

The provincial government last week rolled out proposed legislation that would remove the risk of civil court liability for individuals and organizations that issue apologies.

The government said the new law would help victims’ recovery, improve accountability and transparency in the health-care sector, and aid the justice system by “fostering the resolution of civil disputes and shortening or avoiding litigation.”

Bentley said, “The goal of the legislation is to encourage sincere apologies — saying sorry for a mistake or wrongdoing is the right thing to do.”

So maybe I should call the CAS. Let’s see what would I ask them to apologize for. Maybe the fact that they knew at the time I had my son that there were no Catholic homes looking to adopt a child. Maybe for not telling me that they had a policy that said he could not be adopted by a family of another faith. And for not telling me that my son, therefore, would go straight to foster care. And that he sat for almost 10 months until finally a family showed up. Not the perfect family, just the first one.

Yes that might be a good place to start. They should apologize don’t you think.

After all, it’s not going to cost them anything.




One Response to R is for Revisiting “Sorry For Any Inconvenience” – UM’s Most Popular Post

  1. Denise says:

    Great post, UM. Loved it before, still do. Sigh… when will our apologies end and the others begin?

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