E is for Every (*@$#%*+) Day!!!

NaBloPoMo Blog#432 Day 24

adoption, reunion, reform, rEality**

Before I start…

Are you are American?

Thanks for taking a break from the festivities and reading.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Don’t be mean to Nickleback!

And now…

E is for Every (&@$#%*+) Day!!!

I was about ready to call it quits NaBloPoMo but if my friend over at My Birth Name Is Allison won’t fail neither will I.

How are the rest of you doing out there?  Are you full of new admiration and respect for anyone who writes for publication every day?
I sure am.

Would it be easier if the topic wasn’t adoption?  Before this, and the death of Steve Jobs, Unsigned Masterpiece went up once a month. When this is over, I’ll probably go back to that schedule.

(Who’s that I hear cheering?)

Part of the reason for only posting once a month is thinking every day about adoption and the issues related thereto is, to be honest, something that I really don’t want to do.  It is too hard and I have too many other good things in my life.  A lot of us feel like that.  Dwelling on adoption isn’t always a good idea.

But I had many reasons for taking on this challenge of blogging every day.

Taking Back November!

Take Back Adoptember is a Good Idea! The reality, not the hearts and flowers, Jesus called me to adopt propaganda, of adoption needs to be out there.

And I want to support The Declassified Adoptee who has an excellent blog and, in my view, an even more excellent spirit.

Read her post: When I Will “Get Over It

Check her out on Saturdays when she does Epic Linkage and connects the world to a whole variety of adoption blogs.

Read My Birth Name Is Allison on being a lucky adoptee.

As someone who lived with the secret of adoption for eighteen years, I often give thanks for the Internet and the people I have met here.

It’s helped me understand some things.

It’s made me and a whole lot of other mothers and adoptees realize we are not alone.

Only 6 more days of NaBloPoMo to go.

I’m giving thanks for that today too.



** For new readers, I am working through the letters in these words as my writing prompts during NaBloPoMo 2011.

One Response to E is for Every (*@$#%*+) Day!!!

  1. mybirthnameisallison says:

    This thing will not beat us! We will conquer NaBloPoMo!!!
    Just think we can then post the badge that we did it!!!

    Be encouraged! Only 6 days left!


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