Soul Rape


What happened wasn’t right and now it’s all starting to come out.   Go to the link and read Dan Rather’s report on coerced adoption.  It’s all there.  The lies.  The withholding of information.  The stereotyping.  The denial of rights.

Soul Rape?  Maybe.

Dan Rather’s report on coerced adoptions.


2 Responses to Soul Rape

  1. Chad Rancher says:

    Please keep posting your comments about coerced adoption and the criminal behavior by the adoption agencies. Believe me, the world is finally, but slowly, learning the truth about both past and current adoption practices. We can only hope everyone will wipe the fairy dust from their eyes, and stop believing the myths of adoption. Please keep sharing the links to news articles and reports on forced adoption. One day, infant adoption will be a relic of the past… But it is going to require the persistent efforts of caring individuals like you to end the abusive practice of adoption.

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