Dan Rather Reports: Adoption or Abduction!


Dan Rather will be reporting on adoption practices in the 60’s.

Slowly it is all starting to come out in Canada and the U.S.

What happened to many of us and our children wasn’t right.

There have been some articles in Canada.  Most recently in the National Post .

When will other Canadian media start looking into these


Where is W5 or The Fifth Estate?

Here’s the Dan Rather Reports trailer.



2 Responses to Dan Rather Reports: Adoption or Abduction!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I will tell you where the 5th estate stands on this issue they are with the Gov and they are the ones responsible for all the baby abduction and dead baby scam I had a person from the 5th estate approach me on my story I had two interviews and then nothing happened no one wants this can of worms opened up,

    • Unsigned Masterpiece says:

      It’s hard to say. I think any hint of adoption criticism frequently brings out the adoptive parent lobby. Or there may be adoptive parents on the staff of the show. Who knows? It’s too bad that people cannot see the issue of what happened as distinct and standing alone.

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