Second Chance Mother


I haven’t read too many books about adoption.  In fact, I think I have only read two.  One I read a long time ago. It  was Lorraine Dusky’s Birthmark which was published in 1979.

The second book was written more recently.  It is Second Chance Mother by Denise Roessle.

I think I was pretty shut down when I read Birthmark.  I hadn’t met my son, I was not aware until I read that book that other woman felt the same way I did about the experience I had gone through.  I was still buying into the adoption mythology.  I didn’t know anything about adoption reunion.

I sure was a different person when I read Second Chance Mother.  I had many years of experience with the hills and valleys of adoption reunion.  Denise Roessle writes about those hills and valleys.  And she goes back farther than that and talks about it all.  The whole experience of an unexpected pregnancy, the events that lead to an adoption decision, the feeling of being abandoned by the child’s father, her own parents and the system – all of it. It is a very engaging read. The word that I would use to describe Second Chance Mother is honest. It is extremely honest.

I understand that the response to Second Chance Mother has been overwhelming. Roessle says many people have written to her after reading it thanking her for sharing her story both as a young unmarried mother and as a mother navigating the sometimes choppy waters of reunion. Roessle’s story of her reunion with her son in some ways echoes my own.

Every book like this opens the adoption closet door a little wider.  June 9-11 you can download Second Chance Mother for free.

Here’s the link at

If you want to follow Roessle’s on-going story, she can be found at Writ-o-holic.




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