Adoption Apologies


As I’ve said on this blog before, what happened to us wasn’t right.

With respect to our adoption experience, there was no informed consent and there were oh so many lies.

Lies about our ability to raise the babies we had given birth to, lies about the impact of adoption on us and the children who were relinquished, lies about the perfection of the adoptive parent pool.

In Australia they appear to have the courage and compassion to admit that adoption practices were not good and caused much hurt.

Australian Apologycaused much hurt.  They apologized on July 18th.

Tears Flow After Australia Adoption Apology

Will we ever see that happen in this country?

I hope the day is coming.



P.S.  It may say something about my searching skills but I had trouble finding the content of the actual apology on line.   This image comes from The Life of Von  who has written about the impact of the apology from the perspective of an adoptee.


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