For those who fought for the truth to be heard, we hear you now…


Those are the words of Australian Prime Minister Gillard in her apology to mothers, adoptees, sisters, brothers, fathers and others harmed by forced adoption.

I’ve said it on this blog before, what happened to us wasn’t right.  As in Australia, here in Canada there was no informed consent and there were oh so many lies.  Lies about our ability to raise the babies we had given birth to, lies about the known impact of adoption on us and the children who were relinquished, lies about the perfection of the adoptive parent pool. Some of us were not permitted to see or hold our babies.  Well, Australia after considerable study and research, has come to realize these practices were wrong and inflicted great harm.

So, be you mother, adoptee or one of the others, get out the Kleenex and watch this all the way through.  Australia so gets it, it is unbelievable.

Australian Prime Minister’s Apology to Mothers and Adoptees.

I just wrote to the Honourable Julia Gillard in Australia to say thank you. If you would like to do the same, here is the link to her website.

Julia Gillard, Prime Minister of Australia

Will we ever see this happen in this country?

I hope the day is coming.




10 Responses to For those who fought for the truth to be heard, we hear you now…

  1. Sarah says:

    What I don’t understand is why no one has asked her how much acid she has dropped yet…

  2. Sarah says:

    Katheen Hoy Foley, the psycho “birthmother” from hell. Elaine Penn’s mother who has that bizarre website “Woman in Hiding”. She is one reason why the records aren’t going to open in NJ. Her and their idiot Governor who doesn’t want the records open because of his adopted sister. Boy, they really have all the game pieces placed perfectly for their strategy per state don’t they?

    • Unsigned Masterpiece says:

      Ah. I read the thread on facebook but did not know the name. Crying about your privacy and then writing a book seems a little disingenuous to me.

  3. Sarah says:

    Well that makes me mad and I am sure it is AP’s or the lunatic Kaltheen Foley’s of the world that are pushing that. (Along with adoption agencies and church clergy no doubt). @everyoneactdead, the USA won’t even apologize for slavery, even with a black President now. America is an arrogant bitch, founded by arrogant pricks. No wonder adoption started there.

  4. Mandy says:

    This woman should be a God.

    • Unsigned Masterpiece says:

      She is being trashed in some quarters for saying all mothers loved their children. But she probably wasn’t hearing from the small minority who may not feel that way or who are so closeted they think they feel that way.

  5. i don’t know about canada, but the US will never formally apologize for or acknowledge what happened. once forced adoption is admitted to be wrong and traumatic, it plants the idea that all adoption involves loss, grief, and a lack of real choices. we like to make adoption seem pretty, especially in our enlightened modern society where you can CHOOSE a “plan” and have open contact with the adoptive parents. for the infant adoption industry to thrive, birth mother and adoptee grief can never become publicly accepted as fact.

    • Unsigned Masterpiece says:

      Sadly, I think you may be right about that. The rescuer myth dies a very slow death. What makes Australia so different I wonder. If you listen to the entire speech they seem to understand every facet of adoption loss and from many points of view.

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