Dan Rather’s Report “Adoption or Abduction!” nominated for an Emmy


Another update of a post from a while back.

Dan Rather’s Report on Adoption Practices just got nominated for an Emmy.

This was the original post.

Dan Rather will be reporting on adoption practices in the 60’s.

Slowly it is all starting to come out in Canada and the U.S.

What happened to many of us and our children wasn’t right.

There have been some articles in Canada.  Most recently in the National Post .

When will other Canadian media start looking into these claims?

Where is W5 or The Fifth Estate?

Here’s the Dan Rather Reports trailer.



3 Responses to Dan Rather’s Report “Adoption or Abduction!” nominated for an Emmy

  1. Sharon Pedersen says:

    CBC Radio did a documentary in 2011 on The Current and won a bronze award from the UN for it (Motherhood Interrupted), National Post ran a series of articles in the spring of 2012, Global TV did a documentary for 16×9 (Torn Apart – May 2012). The Passionate Eye did a documentary (40 Year Secret). It’s time for the Fifth Estate to come forward on this issue. What do they need? CBC Radio’s documentary aired many times; In the Field, Game Changer, Line in the Sand, as did Global TV’s and CBC TV’s documentaries. But still, there are more stories to tell. So many mothers still in hiding. ~Sharon Pedersen, Victoria BC

    • Unsigned Masterpiece says:

      Thanks for the update on the other pieces that have dealt with this issue.

      • Sharon Pedersen says:

        There is a movie airing in theatres Nov 1st from Britain starring Dame Judy Dench called “Philomena” about us and our lost children. Can’t wait. Judy Dench! Imagine ! taking on our story. She stars as the mother. Recently a crime drama tv show from Britain called “George Gently” had a show featuring an unwed mother, a home for unwed mothers including the matron of the home, an adoptee who locates his mother, and the rescue of a newborn from adoption. The producers certainly did their homework and researched the emotions and trauma suffered by all those affected by adoption. I believe entirely and firmly the truth about what happened to us will come out more and more in various ways increasingly by way of books, movies, tv shows, newspaper articles, documentaries, blogs and so on. There is no stopping it now. Due to prejudice support for us will be slow, however. I’ve long since given up on that except from those who had it happen to them. But, still the truth will prevail in due course.
        Sharon Pedersen
        Victoria BC

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