Do Adoptees Have More Problems?

Do adoptees have more problems? Adoptees exhibit a very normal response to the pathology of adoption. Do adopters have more problems? To have that answered truthfully and honestly would be refreshing, enlightening and a new place for adoption to be heading.

From Life of Von


One Response to Do Adoptees Have More Problems?

  1. Denise says:

    OK, had trouble logging in to wordpress… trying again.

    Yes, indeed my son has many problems, which I am certain are related to being relinquished. And beyond that, I know many adoptees, even if they had a good life with their adoptive families, have major anger issues.

    And as relates to Life of Von’s essay, heck yeah, the adoptive families are going to have problems. When are they going to realize that adoption is not “as if born to?” It’s simply not the same as raising your own child! There are going to be issues, cased closed.

    I hate what is going on in international adoption. Those who seek it because there aren’t enough domestic babies available or who don’t want to deal with open adoption arrangement, which is that status quo these days.

    Urrrrr… this has got the stop!

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