Power, Privilege (and adoption)



There is an adoption conference coming up in May that I am thinking of attending.  The theme of the conference is The Sleeping Giants of Adoption: Power, Privilege, Politics and Class.  I am gratified that this question is finally being addressed.  Whether adoption has been through a for-profit or a not-for-profit agency, the consistent class, power and privilege differences between those relinquishing and those adopting stand out.

The last Adoption Conference I attended was in 2010 at MIT in Boston.  It was an interesting and sometime upsetting experience.  One of the things that I was pleased to see at the conference was the large group of adoptees who have taken on the formal study of adoption as their life’s work. I wrote about the conference here, here and here.

This is one example of an adoptee who will be attending the upcoming conference and who, I am pleased to see, will be on the organizing committee in the future. I don’t know if this is from a paper that he pitched for this year.  I hope so because it sounds interesting. Here is the link to his blog: Daniel




2 Responses to Power, Privilege (and adoption)

  1. droessle says:

    I tried to comment on your post, but couldn’t log in via wordpress, which is weird, since I have an account. Here’s what I wanted to say:

    Im presenting at the American Adoption Congress conference in SF in April. Also did last year in Cleveland. I cant do more than one a year, with the travel cost. But I should probably branch out. The one you mentioned sounds interesting, probably more open than AAC to the politics of adoption. Although Rickie Sollinger is speaking at this one. I dont do it simply to promote my book, but to spread the word about the fate of mothers who lost and are still losing their children. Thanks for this post.

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