Letter to an Adoption Ministry


I saw a post recently on a forum that disturbed me.  There was a quote from a Christian about his take on the purpose of adoption. People who read his quote were ruffled…they were perturbed, and they bashed G-d.  It was hard to hear as a Christian person. I felt led to write the person to whom the quote was identified. A man named Dan Cruver who has a ministry called Together for Adoption.  I wanted to express how the quote had left such a bad taste in my mouth as a Christian and as an Adoptee. I wanted him to understand that Adoption IS LOSS to an adoptee and a first mom.  Now, maybe I am an eternal optimist, maybe I am just crazy, but I believe with education, people can be made to see the loss we suffer and understand. To follow is my email to him, and…

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2 Responses to Letter to an Adoption Ministry

  1. carolyncharron says:

    Powerful letter. Thanks for sharing it.

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