On the death of Leonard Cohen (and adoption)

If you go to the “About the name” page, you will read that this blog got it’s name from a Leonard Cohen lyric.

I have not written here for a long time but I could not let this day go by without posting the Leonard Cohen song that I consider my adoption anthem.

It is Song of Bernadette. Put on the headphones and listen to the lyrics. Sung here not by Leonard but by Jennifer Warnes.

RIP Leonard – you were one in a million or more like a trillion. The poetry turned into music and the deep, gravelly voice. He wrote so many amazing songs that grabbed at your heart and made you think he got the human condition.




4 Responses to On the death of Leonard Cohen (and adoption)

  1. maryanne says:

    At our NYC Mother’s Day/Birthmother’s Day celebration every year, Lisa Venezia always sings a beautiful version of this song. It is incredibly moving. I love Leonard Cohen and his music. I listened to “Susanne” over and over when I was pregnant with the son I surrendered in 1968. RIP Leonard, you gave us all a great gift.

  2. RIP Leonard Cohen. You have given me much joy throughout the years with your haunting lyrics and deep voice.

    Thank you Unsigned Masterpiece for your tribute to both Leonard and your loss.

    • Unsigned Masterpiece says:

      Thanks for your comment lb. He has been there for so many years it is hard to imagine him gone except for his music. Never saw him in concert but wish I had.

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