Randy Travis – Songs to Search By…

Friday, July 12, 2013


This is an update to a post I did earlier. Randy Travis is going through a hard time right now. He suffered congestive heart failure and now he has had a stroke. He is in critical condition.  I am very sad to hear that and my thoughts are with him, his family and friends.

There was a time when I listened to a lot of Randy Travis. The year I was looking for and found my son, there were two CD’s I played all the time, at home, in the car, everywhere. One was by Randy Travis.  Read the rest of this entry »


April 10th is Always Mother’s Day to Me…

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


It is now 26 years since I met my son on April 10th, 1987.  I have written and celebrated that day many times.  If you would like to read a couple of those posts that reflect on that day,  here they are. 2011 is complete with photographs.

2011, 2012.

Meeting my son  changed my life for the better. I still celebrate it even though for the last eight years things have not been going so well. For the last four years they haven’t been going period.  I have made a few attempts to reach out to him. I never wrote about them here because I don’t really believe in giving a blow by blow description of everything that’s going on.  Let’s just say, things remain the same. Read the rest of this entry »

Randy Travis and me (and adoption)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I am not a big fan of country music.  That makes it sound a bit like I don’t like it.  That’s not it, it’s just not usually my go to music.  Rock and Roll!!!

But there was a time that I listened to a lot of country music or to be more specific, a lot of Randy Travis.  The year I was looking for and found my son, there were two CD’s I played all the time, at home, in the car, everywhere. One was Randy Travis’ Storms of Life and the other was Famous Blue Raincoat, the songs of Leonard Cohen (See my page About the Name) as sung by Jennifer Warrens. I played both of them for my son’s father.  He thought Famous Blue Raincoat was beautiful.  He thought it was funny that I was listening to Randy. But I digress.

As far as I know, Jennifer Warrens is doing alright; Randy Travis is another story.  He was found, apparently, naked and drunk, on a highway. He seems to have fallen on troubled times.

Now I guess if you are a songwriter, it’s all material.  Maybe there will be a Storms of Life II.  But that is kind of flip and I really don’t want to be flip about Mr. Travis because he was there for me during a challenging time. I doubt that he will find his way to this blog but if he does I hope he will read and know his music meant a lot to me.  I still have his songs on my itouch.

Here’s the title track from Storms of Life.  I remember singing this in full voice while I was driving around the province, tracking down clues, looking for my son. It wasn’t my favourite song but you’ll get the idea. Particularly if you’ve been there.



Oh NaBloPoMo. It’s time to say…

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NaBloPoMo Last Day

adoption, reunion, reform, reality – we’re done!!

Oh NaBloPoMo, it’s time for us to part.  It’s been an interesting month.  We laughed, we cried.  Sometimes I cursed.  But it’s all over now.   It’s not you it’s me.  I think we should date other people.  And while I would like to remain friends, if we can, this will be our last meeting.

Why did I want to get to know you NaBloPoMo?  Well as I said on Day 1 I wanted to support The Declassified Adoptee and her Bloggers Taking Back Adoptember initiative (Yes, I said initiative. I used to work for the government.)

But supporting DCA just got me started. I did it for some other reasons too.

As a writer I know the more you write the better and so the idea of making this commitment to write everyday appealed to me.  I liked the writing, I liked the goal setting.  Yes I was worried about writing every day about my least favourite thing – adoption.  I jokingly left a comment on Adoptive Mom’s Margie’s blog that part of me thought I would write about adoption for every day for thirty days and then I would be writ out, spent, done.  No more adoption blogging.  Okay-I can hear the money changing hands out there as I type as to whether that will happen.  I am guessing that the odds are not in my favour.  But then Ha! they never were.

I had some other reasons.  October was the best month statistically speaking that Unsigned Masterpiece ever had.

Taking Back November!

This was due to the death of famous adoptee, Steve Jobs.  Who knew what an education about the long reaching effects of adoption his death would be to so many people.  I wanted to see if I could top October’s stats without Mr. Jobs (kind of like Apple.)  I am pleased to say we beat October. Yay!  By a few hundred hits so far.

I wanted to raise my profile a little, maybe pick up a few more followers. Check.

What did I get out of this that I didn’t expect?

I think my little typewriter is now a permanent fixture.  I really like my little typewriter.

I learned to do something technical in the linking area, that’s good.

I saw the benefits of going multi-platform.  I want to start another more general blog so that is good to know.

Like all journeys, like my trip on the the QM2, I got something out of it I didn’t expect.  Writing about adoption everyday seemed to make me calmer about it, more certain of all the things I believe about it.

So how do I assess my writing over the 30 days?  Some good, some ok, some so so.

I think these are my favs:

T is for Things Adoptive Parents Say
A is for All you need is …
F is for Feminists (or a letter to Gloria)

I think Ernest Hemingway said for every 100 pages he wrote there was one page of genius and 99 pages of garbage ( or words to that effect). I’ll accept three posts out thirty as not bad.

So long NaBloPoMo

In the midst of all this there was a crisis re my elderly mom that continues. Then in the midst that crisis my dog got sick. She started to limp and when it didn’t go away we took her in. Her hip was shot and there was a shadow on her bone that the vet worries may be cancer. The hip has now been repaired. The biopsy results should be back in a week or so.  Think positive thoughts.  The vet bill was $4000. The doggie – priceless. Unconditional love. More valuable than gold.

It was hard to keep blogging. I almost gave up.  MyBirthNameIsAllison saved me from quitting.  I was reminded of the joys of mutual support and for that I thank her.

I’m glad I kept going.

Thanks to all of you out there for following and welcome if you are new.  And thanks to old on line friends for reading along.  Congrats to the other NABloPoMoers.  Joy, you crack me up too.  I wish I could have read more of everybody. Thanks to Suz of WritingMyWrongs for guest posting.

Every now and then someone would apologize for not keeping up with their reading.  I would tell them not to worry. I was having trouble myself and I knew my husband (and biggest fan) was falling behind too.  All adoption everyday for 30 days is a lot.

Unsigned Masterpiece will be returning to its old schedule of publishing once a month around the twentieth – unless there is a second coming of Steve Jobs or some other comment-worthy adoption news.

Peace and so long NaBloPoMo 2011


Love, Hope and Changing (the Adoption) World

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Like people touched by adoption, we Canadians think a lot about defining our identity. We are sure we aren’t Americans and we believe in universal healthcare but past that sometimes it gets a little fuzzy.

We suffered a loss recently here in Canada. The person we lost was the leader of the opposition in parliament. He knew who we are as a country, he had no doubt. He had vision for how good we could be and he fought hard for that vision. He believed in us. He died on Monday.

I put some flowers in front of his house yesterday. It was a small Toronto house, a lot like my own. There was no security, although all the curtains were closed. The front porch was covered in flowers and there was a condolence book to sign.

People in Canada, regardless of their politics, believed him to be an ethical man. They also believed he sincerely cared about them and their lives.

So much did he care about us all that he wrote us a letter when he knew he wasn’t going to win his fight with cancer. It was to be released after his death.

The letter has struck a chord with everyone. Particularly the last paragraph. If you look closely at the sketch of him above the words of the last paragraph are written there. Within hours they had been inscribed on a poster which is available at very little cost. He said:

My friends,
Love is better than anger.
Hope is better than fear.
Optimism is better than despair.
So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic.
And together we will change the world.

And that, of course, made me think about adoption. Sometimes there is a lot of anger. Sometimes there is a lot of fear. And while there may not be despair there is sometimes a lack of faith. A deficit of optimism. And that’s too bad.

I promised myself I would only post once a month but the events that I have described here coupled with what has been going on at First Mother Forum (link to the right) has made me think that even though I just posted on Sunday, the time to post this is now not in late September.

I guess this is an Unsigned Masterpiece special edition.

If those of you who aren’t from Canada want to know more about this man, google “Jack Layton” or “Jack Layton’s last letter” and you will see why we in Canada are so sad. We have lost someone special. Someone who wanted to help us all do and be better.

So let us all try to do a little better because he is right, love is better than anger.