The Stones of December



There was an outcry when this Kay Jewellers commercial hit the airwaves a while back. Many who have observed adoption from the other side of that happy scene wondered if Kay Jewellers would design another heart, one that reflected the experience of the mother of the beautiful baby handed over to the fawning couple. He calls her “Mom” but somewhere there the mother who gave birth to this baby is probably crying herself to sleep every night.

In response, an independent jeweller designed her own pendant that more truthfully reflected the realities of adoption – a torn heart.  Each heart has a stone. I was thinking about the stone I would put on the pendant should I order one.  My son was born in December and that

My Grandfather

My Grandfather

would mean a turquoise.

As soon as I thought of a turquoise, a memory flashed into my mind.  It was of a ring that my grandfather used to wear, a small ring and it too had a turquoise.

Not certain if my memory served me correctly, I called my aunt. Although she was no longer sure of its whereabouts, she confirmed that my grandfather did have such a ring.  My grandfather, like my son, was born in December.

A lot of people in my family were born in December. My grandfather, my uncles, my cousin, my nephew, my aunt, my brother-in-law.

It’s funny how birthdays cluster in families.  I don’t think it is intentional but it does seem to happen a lot.  Most of the family birthdays are within a couple of days of my son’s. My grandfather’s within a week.

When I found him, my son’s adoptive parents lived about a block away from my grandparent’s house.  Family clusters.






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